Digital lenders have a $1 trillion opportunity ― this slidedeck has everything you need to know about them.

It is fair to say there is a lot of hype out there about the potential for financial technology.

It is already one of Wall Street’s buzzwords, and there are some who think it could have game-changing ramifications for the banking industry.

Antony Jenkins, the former CEO of Barclays, in November laid out the potential for an Uber-style disruption, which could shrink industry headcount at traditional banks by as much as 50%

Autonomous Research, a financial specialist research house, has been taking a closer look at the industry. According to their research, Wall Street isn’t really that worried about the potential for an ‘Uber moment.’

The firm this week published a slide-deck on the potential market for digital lending, which they’ve kindly allowed Business Insider to rerun.

They estimate that there is a $2 trillion opportunity for digital lenders, and that digital lenders could reach $100 billion in loan origination volumes by 2020.

But they also believe digital lenders are more like banks than many think, and that there will likely be consolidation before long.


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